Ordamed launch of production

Ordamed launch of production
We are happy to announce about the implementation of the project that the entire Ordamed team has been working on! Together with large Korean factories, we are launching a pilot production of modern medical equipment which is now in high demand in state hospitals and private clinics.

We started with digital X-ray systems, resuscitation beds and bedside patient monitors that are capable to relief the work of the medical staff, reducing the risk of deterioration of the patient's condition in the postoperative and crisis periods. It is, indeed, a great pride for us that, together with the best programmers from Korea and Kazakhstan, we have developed special software not only in Russian and English, but also in Kazakh language.

Mentioned launch of production has become a starting point for the construction of the largest plant in Central Asia for the production of medical equipment and products fully made in Kazakhstan.
A lot of interesting news ahead!

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