We are 15 years old

We are 15 years old
For 15 years now, we have been proudly called Ordamed!
this time, like any developing company, there were ups and downs. But having gathered a unique team of professionals, we easily overcome all obstacles and set even bigger goals.
the years of our existence, we have taken root not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the nearest CIS countries, and also reached the international level by opening offices in Korea and Germany. But all this would not have happened without our favorite customers.

Thank you to everyone for being with us!

Ordamed is a brand with a capital letter, it's people with a kind heart, it's time-tested equipment, it's service in every detail, it's love in every action!

" Well, Ordamed, Happy Birthday. I want to thank each of us who put a piece of their soul into the fact that we came to the 15th anniversary of such a large successful company! I wish us to always be the Best! " – The founder of Ordamed-Dlymbetov Erkin Turmukhambetovich.
– 15 years old!

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