X-ray bone densitometer EXA-3000 (OsteoSys, South Korea)

The EXA-3000 X-ray Bone Densitometer is based on dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA technology), recognized by the World Health Organization as the "gold standard" in the diagnosis of osteoporosis.

The device allows you to explore not only the heel area, but also the bones of the forearm. The kit includes a convenient lift for quick positioning in the upper (forearm) and lower (heel) positions. The EXA-3000 does not require any consumables.


Excellus is an innovative device on the territory of Kazakhstan, which allows to determine not only the mineral density of bone tissue, but also to do body composition studies generally accepted all over the world.

X-ray bone densitometer DEXXUM T (OsteoSys, South Korea)

Bone X-ray densitometer DEXXUM T allows to determine bone mineral density by the method of dual-energy absorptiometry recognized as the "gold standard" for the universal diagnosis of the risk of osteoporosis.

Ultrasonic bone densitometer SONOST-3000 (OsteoSys, South Korea)

Ultrasonic bone densitometer SONOST-3000 is a compact and affordable device for diagnosing osteoporosis.

X-ray bone densitometer PRIMUS (OsteoSys, South Korea)

Prevention of osteoporosis and bone fractures with a densitometer.

Basic diagnostic methods for whole body DXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry). Fan ray technology. User-friendly interface translated into Kazakh and Russian languages.

Precision flow regulator for the administration of I.V. Solutions DOSI FLOW (Leventon SAU, Spain)

Safety and reliability: Once adjusted, the flow remains constant during the entire infusion procedure, eliminating the need to frequently monitor and readjust the control device. No risk of over-infusion. Two-handed setting procedure prevents accidental tampering. the period of use is from 24 hours to 30 days.

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