Primo i7 Patient Monitor

The Primo i7 patient monitor is a multi-functional, specialized premium patient monitor with a comprehensive feature set that meets the most stringent patient monitoring requirements.

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General description

Technical specifications

Suitable for intensive care units and intensive care units. The pre-installed ECG module allows you to measure the patient's readings in the shortest possible time.
Thanks to modern technologies, the patient monitor can detect more than 13 types of arrhythmias. With the function of notification of changes in ECG readings.
SpO2 module, a parameter for monitoring vital body functions that characterizes the level of oxygen saturation of blood hemoglobin, expressed as a percentage. Compatible with Nellcor sensors.
The Niad module. Blood pressure measurement in a non-invasive way. Parameters for pediatrics and neonatal departments are set.
Temperature module-compatible with YSI series 400 temperature sensors. Using a surface and rectal temperature sensor.

BM7 Patient Monitor

Display 12.1 " color TFT, LCD (1024x768)

Dimensions 322 (W) x 245(H) x 224 (L) mm. Weight: 4.5 kg

Displaying 6 signals: 2 * ECG, SP02, PP or EtCO2, 2 * IBP

Scanning speed 6.25,12.5,25, 50 mm/sec


Alarms by category (3 priority levels)

Visual warning light (integrated in the handle)

QRS signal and pulse signal SP02

Percentage ( % ) of SpO2 tone

Touch screen. Rotating handle


Power supply: 100-240V AC (50/60Hz)

DC power connector: 18V DC, 2.8

Defibrillator synchronization output:

- Signal level: pulse from 0 to 5 V

- Pulse width: 100 ± 10 ms

Digital LAN output for data transmission

DC Output: 5V DC, 1A Max

Storing data on a memory card

Thermal printer Printing speed 25.50 mm / sec, Paper size 58 mm

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