About company

"OrdaMed" started its way in April, 2006, in Kazakhstan, opening its first office in the southern capital of Kazakhstan. Taking first steps in the medical equipment market, the company signed an exclusive contract with Medison, a South Korean ultrasound systems manufacturer, which then merged with another major market player to become Samsung Medison. Contracts with Korean brands Trismed, Sometech, Bionet followed which defined the company's primary growth path being the best quality at an affordable price.

In the early 2000s Kazakhstan saw profound changes in many areas, including social. The company was established during difficult, downturn times (a 2008-2009 decline in the country's economy resulting from the US mortgage structure collapse), however, awareness of healthcare importance was our driver pushing us forward, no matter what.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the major market players, the company started shaping its own brand portfolio, with a deeper insight into the market and global trends, supplying brands unfamiliar to the local market, but offering excellent quality at an affordable price.

As the brand portfolio was expanding, with difficulties in servicing and specificity of various areas of medicine becoming more obvious, the company made a decision to separate surgery and laboratory areas into brands now known as Surgicare and Labtronic. The decision resulted in a significant impetus to the development of the medical equipment market in Kazakhstan and allowed the company to move forward more confidently.

Branching of the areas of expertise was not enough for the company, and "OrdaMed" started expanding its reach beyond Kazakhstan: In 2010 a representative office was opened in Russia (headquartered in Moscow), and in 2011 the company's footprint covered Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), Tajikistan (Dushanbe) through regional representative offices.

Among first steps in the development of new country offices were market research, signing of exclusive contracts with companies supplying world's leading brands not only to Kazakhstan but the whole of the CIS market. At the same time, the business model scaling required harmonizing the quality of the company's services, which led to the establishment of the principle of "Triple E" eventually turning into our brand philosophy: Experience. Efficiency. Engagement.

Massive expenditure on business trips, understanding how much territory had yet to be covered in Kazakhstan, as well as the lack of options for prompt customer servicing were enough food for thought on the importance of opening corporate offices all over Kazakhstan. Since 2012 to this day, 18 offices have been opened in Kazakhstan, with a separate office and service department operating in every region and in every major city of the country.

Below are details on the company offices:

  1. OrdaMed Astana, LLP (19.03.2012)
  2. OrdaMed Vostok, LLP (11.05.2012)
  3. OrdaMed Shymkent, LLP (07.11.2013)
  4. OrdaMed Karaganda, LLP (07.11.2013)
  5. OrdaMed Kostanay, LLP (28.11.2013)
  6. OrdaMed Aktobe, LLP (24.12.2013)
  7. OrdaMed Petropavlovsk, LLP (27.03.2014)
  8. OrdaMed Taraz, LLP (18.11.2016)
  9. OrdaMed Aktau, LLP (10.04.2017)
  10. Ordamed Kokshetau, LLP (22.05.2017)
  11. OrdaMed Zhetysu, LLP (28.08.2017)
  12. Ordamed Kyzylorda, LLP (13.11.2017)
  13. OrdaMed Pavlodar, LLP (21.12.2017)
  14. Ordamed Uralsk, LLP (13.02.2018
  15. OrdaMed Atyrau, LLP (13.02.2018)
  16. Ordamed Semey, LLP (13.04.18)
  17. Ordamed Almaty, LLP (16.05.18)


OrdaMed is a leading medical equipment distributor in the CIS countries. The company represents over 70 medical device manufacturers from countries such as the USA, Germany, South Korea, the Netherlands, Japan and other countries. The company's turnover of US $ 1.5 mln for 2008 rose up to US $ 30 mln in 2018.

At this point, the group of companies is home to nearly 500 employees, and includes the following companies: Medonica (established in 2009), Labtronic (laboratory equipment, established in 2009), Surgicare (equipment for surgery, established in 2009), Medion (equipment for otolaryngology and gynecology, established in 2012), Medi (a network of orthopedic units in Kazakhstan, 2016), Neodent (dental equipment, 2018), inBody Kazakhstan (sports medicine and cosmetology, 2018), NeoMed (X-ray equipment, 2019).

The company has been operating in the industry since 2006. Once an Almaty-based company, we are now a large enterprise with offices in all major cities of Kazakhstan, as well as in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Korea and Georgia. The company's key focus areas are the development of a self-sustained system of training and retraining of engineering personnel within the group of companies, building a many-years-ahead strategy of the company's development together with top management.

Main areas of activity:

- Clinical advice on equipment

- Technical advice on equipment

- Delivery of equipment

- Customer support

- Equipment fleet management

- Conducting training seminars for doctors


The company also launches its own educational projects and produces own branded consumables.


Training courses:

ProVisio Scientific-Practical Course - for ultrasound specialists (the course was launched in 2007).

EnnoVia Scientific-Practical Course - for physicians with expertise in functional diagnostics (the course was launched in 2018).


Few are aware that the company also specializes in the manufacture and sale of own branded consumables for functional diagnostics.




Papyrus video printer paper - 2011

LOTUS ultrasound gel - 2014

AMULET disposable electrodes - 2015

RECORD paper for ECG and CTG - 2016

ACCORD gel for ECG and CTG - 2017

STERILUX consumables for Sterilization - 2017


Today OrdaMed company has gone far beyond regular distribution of medical equipment, and operates as a provider of integrated solutions in the area of healthcare (medical equipment + training + digital solutions in medicine), using an innovative fusion of knowledge, technology and resources to render services that provide tangible added value to customers. We believe that our assistance should be based on in-depth expertise in the areas and corporate functions of interest to our clients. We support healthcare in every country where we operate, whereas modern technology allows us to bring benefits to our customers, introducing them to qualitatively new solutions.