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OPERATING TABLE CHS-1500 (JW Bio Science, South Korea)

The CHS-1500 operation table is an electro-hydraulic multi-function system.

This multi-purpose table is designed to provide the perfect solution for various types of surgery. 


  • It is an electro-hydraulic multi-purpose operation table that is designed to offer quick and accurate positioning.
  • It is designed to run at a low voltage for safety. The tables undergo strict safety inspections, with the current leakage standard being set at less than 100μ A.
  • The compact hand control switch boxes offer easy and convenient controls with their rectangular switches and flexible cords.
  • As the positions are set by the hydraulic motor pumps and the hydraulic cylinders, the surf motion of the table makes patient on the table feel comfortable.
  • The table height may be adjusted between 710mm to 1020mm for best posture during surgery. 
  • Each position is set by the operation buttons. In order to prevent any possible malfunctions, the tables are activated only when the Interlock s/w and each Position s/w are simultaneously pressed.
  • In order to prevent motor overload and lengthen the service life of the system, the table is de-energized by the auto control if the table has been in continuous motion consecutively for 5 minutes. 



X-Ray & Image Intensification Capability